Art Events in Hudson NY and Beyond from May 28, 2018 including Ongoing Exhibitions


All phone numbers are in area code 518 unless otherwise indicated.

All addresses are in Hudson unless otherwise indicated. 

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All addresses are in Hudson, unless otherwise indicated


Design Hudson – Hudson Business Coalition has organized a Memorial Day weekend of activities to draw our attention to the beautiful architecture that surrounds us, and to celebrate the talent of the design community in our midst.   Lots of interesting programs are organized around this theme.  For tickets and other details see the Design Hudson entry below under “Friday through Sunday.” and visit for further information.

At the same time, an app for free, history-based, self-guided walking tours of Hudson has been  launched by the Hudson Development Corporation.  Look in the new HDC Walking Guide for information about how to load the app for these tours into your phone.  If you can’t find the walking guide (available at most Warren Street shops) or information about the tours, contact Hudson Development Corporation at 518-751-1044.

Films at TSL – Time & Space Limited shows a wide range of (mostly) independent and foreign films screened Thursdays through Mondays. Consult the website for film descriptions, schedule, and tickets.  A monthly calendar can also be found on the website. – Information at or call 518-822-8100 – Time & Space Limited, 434 Columbia Street

Friday through Sunday, May 25-27

Design Hudson – The Hudson Business Coalition is producer of the inaugural year of Design Hudson, an annual festival to celebrate the architectural and home furnishing resources in Hudson and the talents of our region’s design community.  This all happens this year on Memorial Day Weekend:

> Friday, May 25 – A cocktail party at the historic Dr. Oliver Bronson House from 5 to 8 pm;

> Saturday, May 26 – Home Tour: a Designer Showcase which provides a unique opportunity to tour seven of Hudson’s architecturally significant historic homes and meet the participating designers;

> Saturday, May 26Saturday Evening Soiree along Warren Street and beyond.  Shops will be open with special events including a red carpet fashion show, a rare chance to hear our local star, Lady Moon, etc., etc.

> Sunday, May 27 – Home Tour: a Designer Showcase continues

> For further information and tickets go to . 

Free, self-guided Walking Tours of Hudson – An app for free, history-based, self-guided walking tours of Hudson has been launched by the Hudson Development Corporation.  The tours are written and narrated by host, Sam Osterhout.  They are housed on the Geotourist app ( which aligns Hudson with tours posted around the globe.  Each tour will be mapped out and stop points will be triggered by GSP location points.  The app and the tours are free to all users. The tours are:   Hudson’s Early Days (Talks about the Proprietors and the general history of Hudson’s beginning.), The Firehouses (A look at how fire shaped the development of Hudson, and the Hudson Fire Department’s role in volunteer firefighting.), Cedar Park Cemetery (A headstone says a lot about a person’s life.  Walk the park and learn stories behind names like Fred Jones, A. Corning Clark, and John Van Allen, and find out who’s below the sundial, and who was behind the disappearance of American flags in the War plots.) The Churches of Hudson (Ten churches tell the story of the varied community of people who have called Hudson their home. Learn how they worship and what their church’s structure says about them.); and Hudson, An Insider Tour (What did they make at the Basilica?  Who was General Worth?  Which block in Hudson was America’s first gated community?  Take this tour around Hudson’s side streets to find the answers to these questions and more.)  Look in the new HDC Walking Guide for information about how to load the app for these tours into your phone.  If you can’t find the walking guide or information about the tours, contact Hudson Development Corporation at 518-751-1044

Saturday, May 26 through Monday, May 28

Huge! Spring Yard Sale – Sponsored by the Trinity United Methodist Church Youth Group Lunch available – Information at 755-7851 or 518-965-3273 – Trinity United Methodist Church, 555 Joslen Boulevard

Every Saturday through November 17

The Hudson Farmers’ Market has moved outside to its usual summer location in the parking lot at the corner of Sixth Street and Columbia Street, where it will remain until November 17 – Several new vendors will be there including Billy’s Italian Market.  Billy will be selling his excellent line of tomato sauces.  You will find the familiar, friendly group of vendors selling  prepared foods, bread, cookies, spring greens, spring flowers, eggs, meats and cheeses, and plants for the vegetable garden, flower beds, hanging baskets and herb gardens – Information at – EBT and WIC are accepted by all qualified vendors – Open from  9 am to 1 pm – Corner of Sixth & Columbia Streets

Friday, June 1

An Important Public Meeting with Panel Discussion on Gun Laws, School and Community Safety, and Mental Health will be held on Friday, June 1 from 6 to 8 pm at Hudson High School Auditorium, 215 Harry Howard Avenue in Hudson– The national gun debate has only increased in pitch since the February 14 Parkland, Florida school shooting.  Candidates’ positions on gun and school safety legislation has become a litmus test in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections and in particular in NY-19, where there is an active sports gun community, with no less than eight private sports gun clubs in Columbia County alone.  Join event organizers William Hughes and Maria Suttmeier for a wide-ranging panel discussion about gun safety, mental health, and school safety legislation.  Speakers representing the entire spectrum of positions from NRA-aligned to community health organizations, will participate.  Featured speakers include U.S. Congressman (NY-19) John Faso and NYS Assemblywoman (D-106) Didi Barrett.  Panel members include National Security Advisor Malcolm Nance, Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett, Columbia County Mental Health Director Michael Cole, Hudson City School District Superintendent Maria Suttmeier, Certified Safety Professional Mike Needham, and Hudson City Police Chief Edward Moore.  This will be a moderated discussion and people are encouraged to submit questions prior to the event.  Questions should be emailed to William Hughes at  Questions submitted in advance will have precedence.  All members of the community are welcome.  The conversation will be civil and productive.  This is a gun free event.  A full house is expected and although it is free, it is ticketed and it is strongly suggested that audience members reserve their ticketsas soon as possible.  Reserve tickets at – Further information by sending email to William Hughes at or by calling 528-858-4134.


* Picturesque & Sublime: Thomas Cole’s Trans-Atlantic Inheritance – Thomas Cole National Historic Site opened  a new exhibition on May 1 It will be on view through November 4   – The exhibition was created in collaboration with the Yale Center for British Art and members of the Yale History of Art Department – It complements the Thomas Cole exhibition now on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art – > Information and tickets at – Thomas Cole National Historic Site, 218 Spring Street, Catskill

* SIT-IN – The exhibition is described by the curator, Kristen Dodge, as “a collective look at the split behavior of a familiar form.”  She goes on to say, “In an interrogation room, two chairs face each other across a desk.  At the birthday party, the guest of honor sits at the head of the table.  In the museum, seating is placed at regular intervals for rest.  At the principal’s office, the student is instructed to ‘sit down.’  Beside a comedian stands a tall, empty stool.  At an auction, everyone sits, save the auctioneer. – A seat is a frame and a proposition.   A person sitting either subscribes to or rejects suggestion; their body gives in to the framework, or contradicts it: settles into an armrest or sits forward, lounges on a chaise or perches on edge….”  The exhibition includes work by 18 women artists – On view through May 27 – Information at or call 518-822-1333 – September Gallery, 449 Warren Street #3

* Flat Broke: Selected works by Stacy Petty – The exhibition is co-curated by Tom McGill and Katherine Kim – It will remain on view through May 29 – Information at 518-303-6446 or visit – Gallery @ 46 Green Street , 46 Green Street

* Ebb & Flow – Works by Shawn Snow, Anne Francey, Allyson Levy, Ragellah Rourke, Vince Vella, Bruce Murphy, and Gary Budkendorf – Information at www.carriehaddadgallery or call 518-828-1915 – On view through June 10 – Carrie Haddad Gallery, 622 Warren Street

* It’s All About the Hat; new Paintings by Mary Davidson – On view through May 27 –  Information at 518-822-0510 or go to – 510 Warren Street Gallery, 510 Warren Street

Fundamental Structures – New Weaving by Andrew Boos – Information at or call 917-952-1654 – 5 to 8 pm – Kea Carpets and Kilims, 238 Warren Street

* Adam Brent: Heroic Faces – “Adam Brent creates sculptures and paintings that fuse together new techniques with familiar forms to create something entirely new.  Heroic Faces and the accompanying works employ colors and patterns inspired by mid-20th-century classic porcelain figurines and a palette derived from a range of every day linoleum tile.  Colors bleed together and penetrate through the plastic forms with sheen and a disco ball like refraction….” On view through June 24 – Information at or call 518-392-3336 –Thompson Giroux Gallery, 57 Main Street, Chatham

* In the Garden – Photographs from gardens of all kinds:  Traditional African American gardens in the South; birds and insect visitors to a Hudson, NY garden; a 40-year-old garden in Boise ID; and water tapestries from the remains of a lush garden in Montclair, NJ.  Local photographer Sarah Sterling is featured.

Two solo exhibitions:  >Vaughn Sills, Places for the Spirit:  Traditional African American Gardens of the South – black and white photography; and > Sarah Sterling, Cultivated Chaos – photography

Portfolio showcase:> Laurie Blakeslee – 40 Year Garden – photography; and > Lisa Redburn – Water Tapestries – photography

>All on view through June 10 – Information at 518-567-4056 or by email to – Davis Orton Gallery, 114 Warren Street

* Art Biologic – Twenty-three international and regional artists present their latest works based on biology and nature – On view through June 2 – Information at –  Limner Gallery, 123 Warren Street

* A Conversation – A special art exhibition in the library’s Community Room featuring local artists Sonia Ruscoe and Sher Stevens – A Conversationexplores an intergenerational female gaze on the femme form.  These two perspectives, shown as one exhibit, create a conversation that takes place between the artists’ work, exploring the relation and dissonance of their mediums, as well as the influence of their time in history on how they view female bodies.  Sher Stevens’s work reclaims the classical treatment of the female form throughout art history, while Sonia Ruscoe relishes in the maximalism of 21st-century femme lifestyles.  Both celebrate and critique the societal ideals of women.  Sonia Ruscoe lives and works in Hudson.  She paints both figuratively and abstractly using acrylic paint.  Sher Stevens is a professional sculptor, tile maker, artisan and instructor – The exhibition will be available for viewing during library hours through July 1 – Information at, or call 518-828-1792, x 101. – Hudson Area Library, 51 North Fifth Street (corner of State Street)

*Three Rivers Art Project –  All are welcome to see the opening exhibit at the new Elbaz Studio & Gallery at 711 Warren Street.  The gallery is celebrating its official opening and its first collaboration with Three Rivers Art Project, as well as Israel’s 70th anniversary.  In response to a call for artists for this juried show, 70 artists from all over Israel were selected from over 400 applicants.  Their work, in various mediums, will be on display Saturday night and through the month of June.-  Information at 518-822-1097 –  Elbaz Studio & Gallery, 711 Warren Street

* Narrative – Three distinguished views by Fern Apfel, Albert Schweitzer, and Tamara Thomson – On view through June 10 – Information at  or call 347-207-2503 – Concepto Hudson, 741 Warren Street

JD Urban’s [R]EVOLUTION IS UNCOMFORTABLE – A photography and video exhibition with exhibition design by Tom Taylor – A new installment of the photographer and filmmaker’s award-winning, perennial conversation series, “The Every-day People Project,” a dynamic documentary series featuring intimate conversations about some of the most pressing social concerns facing our nation today.  The project is a living, breathing archive of the human experience featuring filmed conversations with hundreds of citizens across the country.  This latest installment focuses on the residents of Hudson, NY – Information at 518-822-1438 or visit – On view through June 24 – 5 to 8 pm – Hudson Hall at the historic Hudson Opera House, 327 Warren Street

Thomas Nozkowski (b. 1944, Teaneck, NJ) received a B.F.A. from The Cooper Union Art School in 1967.  Known for his richly colored and intimately scaled abstract paintings, Nozkowski began exhibiting in group shows in 1973 and made his solo debut in 1979.  In 1982, The Museum of Modern Art had acquired a painting from an early one-person exhibition for their permanent collection.  To date, Nozkowski’s paintings have been featured in more than 300 museum and gallery exhibitions worldwide, including over 70 solo shows.  Information at to 3 pm  – Benenson Visitors Center & Gallery, Art Omi, 1405 County Route 22, Ghent

For more information on Columbia County events, visit


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